Sell more without ever going on sale

Forget sales, clearances and markdowns. Dynamically create personal Private Offers that activate shoppers, preserve margins and protect your brand.

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How Tempt works for shoppers

A private offer appears at the perfect moment
Activate the offer and keep shopping
Check out as usual and the offer is applied automatically

Why Tempt works for stores

Discreet and personalized discounting

Tempt offers are private and made for each individual shopper in the moment. Don't broadcast your offers and go 'on sale'.

Higher AOVs

By controlling minimum spend thresholds and creating a sense of urgency, Tempt helps you improve your AOV for every sale.

Better margins

Tempt dynamically optimizes your offer levels based on price sensitivity to create the right discount for the right customer.

Integrate fast, start immediately

The Tempt app plugs seamlessly into your Shopify store. You'll be live in minutes with no technical resource.

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